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We are a family business so work and family matterPauline and Kevin Connolly set up and ran Business Additions Limited for over 10 years. Daughter-in-law, Claire Connolly joined the company in 2008 and is now one of the Company Directors. Although Kevin recently retired to pursue other interests, Pauline and Claire are joined by a small, friendly and able team of trained support staff.

Being a family-run business means we recognise the value that can bring to our clients – we care about them as we do each other and we want to do the very best we can to help them succeed. Family values and a hard work ethic are in our view a winning formula and holding onto clients for Many years is testament to that.

Together we have amassed almost 50 years of practical business, administrative, project management, bookkeeping and accountancy experience from a range of commercial backgrounds.

The result is we know how to be flexible, proactive and responsive to addressing our clients’ needs, without hurting their pockets too much.