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Outsource your accounts department for a little over £5 a day

Have your own accounts department rather than struggle with spreadsheetsWhy do successful companies have their own accounts departments? Think about it. It’s not because they have the money and can afford to have such a luxury.

Partly it’s down to freeing up their time to spend on other core areas of the business and that’s just smart if that’s where their strengths lie.

But ultimately it’s so they know exactly what profit they are making and where their overheads lie.

Successful businesses know if they can afford to buy new computers or take on a new member of staff and it’s not down to guess work or by how much money they have in the bank, which incidentally doesn’t count for much. After all if you have £20,000 in the bank but you owe £10,000 to the VAT Department then there won’t be enough to cover your new member of staff.

But accounts departments cost lots of money – how can you afford it?

Well for a little over £5 a day you can have your own accounts department always at the end of the phone or email. We’ll even speak to your customers directly if they have a query, or chase people for payment, complete VAT returns, handle payroll and just about any other accounts and administrative activities. In fact you can outsource just about any business, administrative or accounts work to us and only pay for the work we do.

Seriously what can you actually buy for £5?

a couple of pints of beer
a large glass of wine
a coffee and a cake

£5 wouldn’t even buy you lunch these days.

So stop working on those spreadsheets today; take your business up a notch and have your own accounts department.

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